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Reputation Management

Definition of the term:  Reputation management is the process of correcting unwanted or damaging internet content about an individual, organization or company.  This information may be entered through a 3rd party website such as RIP OFF REPORT, Complaint Board, the BBB or Better Business Bureau.  

How this information is damaging to you or your organization in today's technological business climate.

1. Today, GOOGLE is the #1 Search Engine in the World, more information about you, others and every other subject known to man are indexed in GOOGLE's every expanding database.  Anything you want to find out about a subject, person or company is probably in GOOGLE's data base.  This means for you, if there is any negative content about you, your company or your business activities whether TRUE or FALSE, can be used against you.

2. How is this negative information used against you?   When someone meets you on business and wants to find out anything about you, they simply just GOOGLE you.  What ever comes up about you or does not come up about you or your organization may determine if that person or company does business with you.

3. What could come up about you?  Your Company?  Do you check to see whats out there?  Did you know that even having the same personal or corporate name as someone else who has negative web content on GOOGLE and other Major Search Engines could be affecting your image or potential sales right now?

4. Once Information is posted on the web, it's there.  The only way to move it from view is to use a reputation management company to move the content onto back pages of that search word.  For example, if there is negative reputation damaging content about you or your organization on the first page of Google, we actually work to move it to the 10th page where individuals will in most cases not look.  Most searches for anything on the Web take place between the 1st page and at tops the 3rd page, after that it's very rare that people look any further.

5.Reputation and Image Building 

Reputation and Image Building online requires the services of a reputation management company.  These services are orchestrated through the development of numerous positive online posting, through Websites, Social Media, press Releases and Blogs.  With the proper imagery online, you can be anyone you want to be.  I'm sure you would agree that you would rather have people find things about your that you choose for them to see rather than, what ever is out there that you had no clue was there.

If you have a virtual reputation issue or need to build a positive online image building campaign, contact us today!